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About Us

We are Yossi and Farrah Rosenblatt . While Yossi is born and raised in Crown Heights,  Farrah hails from London England and brings the eye for fashion that the area needed. As parents of 3 children we saw the need for a Unique shopping experience for the Crown Heights community and beyond. An open space to shop, with a children's play area and wide enough space for strollers to create the most pleasant shopping experience one can have. 
We carry all ages beginning at birth but we really specialize in teenage girls (ages 12-20) clothing, offering an incredible selection of modest and trendy attire. We look for items that come ready to wear no customization required to make the look tzniut ie: no shell needed! As trends come we scoop up the bright and colorful new looks that we love to offer to our customers. We value customer service above all else so if there is anything you want or need please let us know and we will do our best to get it for you!